Fees and Payments

Fees and Payments

We make every effort to keep our payment process as simple as possible.

Our billing specialists are familiar with most insurance plans and are happy to answer your questions. However, surprises are not fun and it is still best for you to call your insurance company to verify the coverage of your visit with us. You can contact our biling department during normal office hours at (614)-339-8500.

We also strive to contain the costs of medical care. Due to increased overhead from equipment and professional personnel required for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up for retinal diseases, co-payments are expected at time of service.

We understand that insurance requirements and forms can be confusing, so filing your insurance claims is a part of our service. Please check with your insurance company and obtain any required authorization before your first visit.

Online Payment

If you wish to pay online, you must do so thorough our patient portal. If you are not enrolled, please contact our office at (614)-339-8500 to have one of our staff assist you with enrollment. The patient portal link is below.

If Midwest Retina is a provider on your insurance plan

We will bill the insurance company for payment.

If Midwest Retina is not a provider on your insurance plan

We will ask for payment when services are rendered. We then file with your insurance company and have reimbursement sent to you.

Medicare patients

As Medicare participating physicians, we accept assignment on all Medicare claims. That means the patient is not responsible for charges above those allowed by Medicare. We’re required by Medicare to collect your deductible and co-insurance. We bill any secondary insurance carriers after Medicare pays.

Medicaid patients

You must bring their current Medicaid card to each visit.

Uninsured patients

We work with uninsured patients to arrange payment plans.