Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial

Midwest Retina has an active clinical research department comprised of certified physicians, nurses, technicians, and photographers. We believe in ongoing research to advance the quality of care and to provide the most advanced treatment options to our patients.

We have participated in many trials that have now become the current state of care. While we are proud of these accomplishments, we are still striving for better treatments, and someday, a cure for our patients.

There are many benefits to participating in a clinical trial. Participants receive examinations, testing, and new treatment at no cost. These treatments are not available outside the study and patients receive compensation for their participation in trials. There are potential risks and benefits associated with any experimental treatment, but all clinical trials are conducted with FDA approval. Only you, your family, and your physician can decide if a trial is right for you.

Active Current Trials with Open Enrollment

– Quasar (2023)

Active Current Trials with Closed Enrollment

– Photon Extension (2022)

– Dream (2022)
– Pulsar Extension (2023)
– Avonelle-X (2022)
– Avonelle (2021)

Completed Trials

– Photon (2020)
– Rhone (2020)
– Kingfisher (2019)
– Pagoda (2019)
– Yosemite (2018)
– Pulsar (2020)
– Lucerne (2019)
– Panda (2019)
– Hawk (2018, 2015)
– Sequoia (2017)
– Onyx (2016)

We are grateful to the numerous individuals who have participated in these trials. Because of their willingness to participate, Midwest Retina was able to play a significant part in the development and implementation of Aflibercept, giving so many new individuals hope for treatment and recovery.

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